Introducing TU&TU JEWELS

Introducing TU&TU JEWELS

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We are excited to introduce TU&TU JEWELS, the new line of jewelry produced by TU&TU. The collection is inspired by Nature and by its amazing shapes and rich textures.

Each jewel is a handcrafted, unique piece made from natural materials and semi-precious stones.

TU&TU rings evoke the sinuous shapes of the vegetable world and combine copper to lava stone and onyx.

TU&TU necklaces, created by artisan masters, have captured some of nature’s most unique and intricate forms using the warm, fascinating metal that is copper.

Lightweight, airy and vaporous: TU&TU JEWELS feature silver, aluminum, hyaline quartz and hematite. Each creation is an invitation to immerse yourself in the fascinating and mysterious world of Nature and its shapes.

The collection is available on the website, here you can admire all the pieces.


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