My story

When I was a little girl I was talking to the wind and I was convinced I could fly: I would run headlong down hills waving my arms in the air.

From those years, I have kept the yearning of symbiosis with nature and a sense of magic and wonder.

Even today my imagination is my richest resource: musician, my journey of humanities is intertwined with the desire to confront fabrics and design, satisfying my curious nature in an aesthetic research.

Vegetarian for many years, I worked to defend animals and the environment, ethics and respect are the basis of my daily life.

TU&TU project collects and enhances my life entirely: the dreams of a child surrounded by nature, in search of beauty with full respect of other beings, human and non-human.

My purpose is to create a line with a strong eye and feeling for aesthetics, where research is costant and aimed at a sustainable economy, because I love inventing stories where everything ends well!

Roberta Gentile