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Why we decided to avoid wool

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I used to think that wool was something natural and innocent (just a bit too itchy for me): all they do is shear off the hair of the animal in the summer – I thought – which then grows back, and they do it again the next year, what’s wrong with it?

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Shooting ARIA, TU&TU new collection

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Each collection brings a story, and ARIA, TU&TU spring/summer 2018 collection, led us to a new partnership. We love to work with people sharing our ethic vision, so when we got in touch with JSW Models, the Cologne-based International sustainable Model agency, advocating the vegan and sustainable lifestyle, the idea of shooting TU&TU’s Lookbook with an “all-vegan team” sounded so exciting! And so it was. At the beginning of a warm italian autumn, our samples took the way to Cologne.

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