Why choosing organic cotton?

Why choosing organic cotton?

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When buying that new dress or those gorgeous pants, on what attributes do we focus on? Generally, on style, colour, the cut and how it fits. Does it make sense to ask ourself also: “how and where is it made, is it eco-sustainable”? At a first glance, it is something so far from clothing.

We all know healthy is eating organic, and the benefits of using organic cleaning products are well known too, but why should we look for organic materials in fashion? We do not eat it or drink it… at a first glance, we do not find the connection.

Indeed, choosing organic fabrics has a very positive impact on your health and the environment. Let’s see how.

Soft, versatile, so pure…the majority of the garments we buy (from t-shirts to hoodies to dresses) are made of cotton. which is a very fragile plant that needs heat, irrigation, fertilizer and protection against insects because it exhausts soils very quickly.

Furthermore, conventional cotton is genetically modified in order to be more productive, and it’s notorious for being one of the world’s most chemically intensive crops. It’s estimated that 2 billion pounds of harmful chemicals are sprayed on cotton crops each year around the world.

Such pesticides poison farmers (according to the World Health Organization up to 20.000 deaths each year are caused by pesticide poisoning in developing countries), and pollute water and air. Harmful chemical residue remain trapped in the threads of clothes and can cause health problems for the people who wear them.

Organic cotton, on the contrary, was grown without synthetic additives or pesticides and wasn’t genetically modified. It utilizes less energy than conventional, produces fewer greenhouse gases, and improves soil quality. The quality of fabric is very high, and it’s comfortable on skin– and safe.

This is the reason why many brands support the organic movement, and protect the environment, vulnerable workers and people wearing it.

Style is important, no question: a garment must fit us and be something we love. But, If you are an animal lover, care about what goes on your body or are concerned with the welfare of others, go further and consider buying eco. Your choice will make the difference.


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